Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is the Secretariat of SARP? [+]

SARP is based in Ibadan, Oyo State of Nigeria from where the organisation is coordinated worldwide.

Is SARP a business or commercial organisation? [+]

No. SARP is a registered Non Governmental Organisation that is not for profit.

What are the membership categories? [+]
  • Ordinary members
  • Junior members
  • Life members
  • Corporate members
Who can be a member of SARP? [+]

All lovers of nature with more than casual interest in sustainable use of animals and animal welfare.

What is the major drive of SARP, Nigeria? [+]

The major drive of SARP, Nigeria is to safeguard animals’ life and health towards a sustainable environment.

Who are the constituting members of SARP? [+]

Public health experts, lawyers, veterinarians, broadcasters, movies producers, animal care agencies, students, academicians, as well as technocrats are the constitutive members of SARP.

Is animal welfare, health and care core to the mandate of Society of Animal Rights and Protection (SARP), Nigeria? [+]

Yes, it is. SARP is an animal rights society or movement that makes effort to enhance the reorientation of the Nigerian public attitude towards the health and welfare of animals.

In Nigeria, is animal right and welfare abuses sanctionable? [+]

In Nigeria, human indiscriminate abuses and injury toward animals are sanctionable by the law, and provisions for this are contained in certain aspects of the penal code.

Do human beings owe any obligation to animals? [+]

Yes, we do. As human beings, we owe the obligation of avoiding abusing animals in the course of our interaction with them.

Do animals have certain rights in common with human beings? [+]

Yes, they do. They have basic rights of self preservation, which includes freedom from undue (human-inflicted) pain and suffering.

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