SARP Condemns the gruesome killing of Roxie, a charming dog in Lagos

posted on Mar 30, 2023 by

The Society for Animal Rights Protection condemns in strong terms the unwarranted killing of an innocent dog by the security guarding cooperative estate, Badore, Lagos in the presence of the owner.

This inhumane act was reported to have taken place on 23 March, 2023. According to the owner, who shared her pains on many social media platforms, Roxie strayed from home after escaping from its kennel. Unfortunately, the dog couldn’t immediately retrace its steps back to the premises of the owner. A search was conducted to no avail which necessitated the owner to alert the security guarding the estate.

Unfortunately, the dog had entered another person’s premises and stayed there overnight. The owner of the house immediately invited the guards to eliminate the dog , not minding the fact that they had been pre informed of a missing dog. To worsen the situation, the owner of the dog had arrived to retrieve her dog, despite all entreaties!

At SARP, we don’t encourage irresponsible dog ownership. We also recognize that euthenizing a confirmed stray rabid dog is a standard practice the world over, after a veterinarian has made his diagnosis in order to prevent zoonotic spill over of rabies to humans. In addition, we do know that our laws also frown at rearing dogs on free range.

However, for a dog whose home was not on the street, a dog whose owner has reported to the estate’s security (according to the owner) that her dog had escaped from home, a dog without any history or clinical signs that could link it to rabies, a dog that was not reported to have made attempt to bite anyone , a dog whose owner was already at the premises where it was found, gruesome killing by shooting of such dog was most barbaric, inhumane, strange, unacceptable and calous. This singular act has further shown the world that animal rights and welfare is yet to take root in Nigeria. It has painted us in bad light. It has sent wrong signal to the whole world!

We encourage the owner to seek legal redress on behalf of Roxie in order not to allow this dastardly act to go unpunished so that It would also serve as deterrent for others in the mould of the killer of Roxie.

Let’s rise against this crude act and let’s move our country to an enviable status where human rights, animal rights and welfare would be adequately protected.

Thank you.

Dr. Ibikunle Abimbade FARAMADE

President, SARP.


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