World Animal Day, 2022

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Happy World Animal Day ( Tuesday, 04 October, 2022)

Dear all,

I wish to congratulate you on the occasion of this year’s World Animal Day.

This is a day devoted to the remembrance of all categories of animals ranging from domestic to wild, endangered or threatened species all over the world.

The day also focuses on bringing the contribution of animals to human survival and wellbeing.

This is because, animals are one of the sources of food, in terms of meat, milk and wool. They also provide traction for farm work even as they serve as means of transportation and haulage (beast of burden).

They are useful in sports and entertainment. Animals provide security, serve as detectives ( for sniffing). They are useful adjuncts in the management of some psychotic conditions.

They ‘run errands’ (depending on training) and serve as leads for the visually impaired. The list is endless. It’s therefore not surprising that the day was so selected to also remember the man regarded as an epitome of care for animals and a patron saint for animals ( a symbolic emblem) for animals, St. Francis of Assisi.

This year’s theme, i. e. A Shared Planet is apt.
This is because it’s a reminder of the reality of mutual coexistence of all living things on earth, all of which are dependent on one another one way or the other. It’s also a reminder of the fact that the resources of the planet are not singularly owned by man. In other to ensure a peaceful coexistence therefore, man must ensure that the delicate balance are not distrupted.

Resources must be exploited in the spirit of sustainability. The forest resources, the water resources etc should be utilised in such a way that habitat for other species are not destroyed. This will promote the survival of all species that are dependent on one planet.

SARP is conscious of the need to maintain this intricate but delicate balance, especially between man and animals whether domestic or wild.

We are committed to ensure that animal rights and welfare especially, the five levels of freedom as postuled by Professor Roger Brambel are protected, endangered and threatened species are preserved and awareness of man responsibilities to animals are strengthened.

Let’s remain resolute in the pursuant of these objectives. Let’s us commit ourselves better to the achievement of these ideals. Let’s us do our best to move our society forward in the direction of stability and responsibilities to uphold the sanctity of this shared planet.

Happy World Animal Day!

Dr. Ibikunle A. Faramade
President, Society for Animal Rights Protection

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